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Government Forms

Below please find links to some of the more-common forms, on-line access and guidelines used by importers and exporters for purposes of trade compliance and management. Many of these forms are fillable and printable in their on-screen format. Where electronic registration/filing is required, instead of providing a specific form, we have provided a link to the on-line tool.

CBP Forms
U.S. Export Forms/Access
Other Agency/Import-Export Forms/Applications/Guidelines

CBP Forms

CBP Form 19 (Protest)

CBP Form 28 (Request for Information)

CBP Form 214 (FTZ Admission)

CBP Form 216 (FTZ Activity Permit)

CBP Form 247 (Cost Submission)

CBP Form 300 (Bonded Warehouse Submission)

CBP Form 301 (Customs Bond)

CBP Form 349 (HMF Quarterly Summary Report)

CBP Form 350 (HMF Amended Quarterly Report)

CBP Form 400 (ACH Application)

CBP Form 434 (NAFTA Certificate of Origin)

CBP Form 434A (NAFTA C/O Continuation Sheet)

CBP Form 446 (NAFTA Verification Questionnaire)
CBP Form 3229 (Insular Possession Certificate of Origin)

CBP Form 3299 (Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles)

CBP Form 3311 (Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products)

CBP Form 3461 (Entry/Immediate Delivery)

CBP Form 4455 (Certificate of Registration)

CBP Form 5106 (Importer ID Input Record)

CBP Form 6043 (Delivery Ticket)

CBP Form 7501 (Entry Summary)

CBP Form 7512 (Transportation Entry)

CBP Form 7551 (Drawback Entry)

CBP Form 7552 (Drawback Delivery Certificate)

CBP Form 7553 (Drawback Notice of Intent to Export, Return or Destroy)

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U.S. Export Forms/Access


Anti-Boycott Reporting Access

BIS Form 645P (International Import Certificate)

BIS Form 647P (Delivery Verification Certificate)

BIS Form 648P (Notification of Delivery Verification Requirement)

BIS Form 711 (Statement by Ultimate Consignee/Purchaser)

ACE AESDirect Access

DDTC D-Trade Information Center

IRS Form 5713 (International Boycott Report)

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Other Agency/Import-Export Forms/Applications/Guidelines

APHIS PPQ Form 505 (Plant & Plant Product Declaration Form)

ATA Carnet

ATF Form 4587 (5330.4) (Application to Register as Importer of U.S. Munitions Import List Articles)

ATF Form 6 – Part I (5330.3A) (Application/Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition & Implements of War)

ATF Form 6A (5330.3C) (Release & Receipt of Imported Firearms, Ammunition & Implements of War)

EPA Form 3520-1 (Importation of Passenger Vehicles, Highway Motorcycles & Corresponding Engines Subject to Federal Air Pollution Regulations)

EPA Form 3520-21 (Importation of Nonroad & Heavy Duty Highway Engines (Including Those Incorporated Into Vehicles) Subject to Federal Air Pollution Regulations)

FCC Form 740 (Statement Regarding the Importation of Radio Frequency Devices Capable of Causing Harmful Interference)

FDA Form 766 (Application for Authorization to Relabel or to Perform Other Acts of the FDCA and Other Related Acts)

FDA Form 2877 (Declaration for Imported Electronic Products Subject to Radiation Control Standards)

FTC Form 31 (Registered Identification Number ("RN") Application

FTZB General Purpose Zone Application Guidelines

FTZB Production Notifications and Applications (Interim Forms)

FTZB Minor Boundary Modification Guidelines

FTZB Reorganization/Expansion of Existing Zones Guidelines

FWS Form 3-200-3 (Import/Export License Application)

NHTSA Form HS-7 (Importation of Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicle Equipment Subject to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards)

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